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2D Illustrator

Full-time 2D illustrator, tasked with producing 2D illustrations, primarily of characters and backgrounds.


UK (London) or Japan (Tokyo)
International remote will be considered based on qualification.

Annual Salary

4 - 8 Million JPY
* For Tokyo location.
* For London location, salary will be adjusted.


Alongside your base pay, you will also be eligible for an annual bonus as well as:

  • Flexible work hours
  • A casual, friendly and inclusive atmosphere amongst those with a passion for working on games
  • The ability to work remotely when necessary
  • The ability to work from London or Tokyo offices for part of the working year, at your discretion
Description of role

We are looking for a 2D illustrator to assist with the creation of illustrations for lowiro projects, including Arcaea.
You will also be tasked with the production of character and CG illustrations and visual assets for game projects, goods and promotional materials.

Should your skills extend to it, you will also create 2D background illustrations to use in-game.

You will work closely with the development team in following specifications for implementing assets in-game, as well as have the freedom to spend part of your time pursuing new ways to bring the worlds of lowiro games to life in-game and out of game.

You will be expected to bring a consistent visual style across assets and works, as well as work with outsourced artists to align consistency across visual works.

  • Experience in digital illustration (5+ years personal or 2+ years professional)
  • Experience in producing 2D character illustrations to a professional standard
  • Firm understanding of colors, lighting, rendering and anatomy as well as character design, with the ability to illustrate in a style suited to lowiro games
  • Knowledge and understanding of modern Japanese animation and illustration stylization
Favorable skills
  • Skill in background / world illustration for environmental design
  • Experience in production of concept art for characters & environment
  • Knowledge of the Japanese language

Please apply by sending the following via the contact form:

  • Cover Letter (link)
  • Resume (link)
  • Digital Illustration portfolio (link)
* Please note that applications not including a cover letter will not be reviewed