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Assistant Game Producer

Full-time role responsible for working alongside the game producer & relevant leads to oversee all aspects of game development.

annual salary

5 - 9 Million JPY


Alongside your base pay, you will also be eligible for an annual bonus as well as:

  • Flexible work hours
  • A casual and friendly atmosphere amongst those with a passion for working on games
  • The ability to work remotely when necessary
  • The ability to work from London or Tokyo offices for part of the working year, at your discretion
  • A strong understanding of game development, both technological and artistic
  • Good understanding of game development tools, software such as IDEs, Build scripting, Asset Creation (such as Photoshop)
  • Strong ability to communicate with team members as well as being comfortable with resolving disputes and developing plans to resolve issues
  • An understanding of project management methodologies and tools and ability to ensure deadlines are met and assets are delivered
  • A keen interest in games and media in Japan as well as a strong understanding of the Game / Media / Anime Industry
Description of role

You must have a strong passion for game development and a keen eye for detail, paying attention to all facets of the game development process. In this role you will gain a broad understanding of how games are made, from the technology through to art direction, as well as gain the skills to ensure a team works cohesively.
You will get hands-on experience with overseeing a project alongside the game producer and develop production skills needed for coordinating teams across two timezones, between the UK and Japan.
You will work alongside team leads to elicit requirements from the production staff. You will ensure that teams will meet their deadlines and that those teams have the information and answers needed to fulfill them, as well as monitor progress across all lowiro projects.

Favorable skills
  • Confident conversational Japanese language ability.
  • Experience with project management tools such as Trello
  • Experience with scripting and automation of tools to make development processes more efficient
  • Experience in specific aspects of game development such as: Programming, Art, Design, or Localization

Japan (Tokyo)
Candidates must be located in Japan and be able to commute to the Tokyo office.


Please apply by sending the following via the contact form:

  • Cover Letter (link)
  • Resume (link)
* Please note that applications not including a cover letter will not be reviewed